How to find a unicorn step by step?

What’s a unicorn? Unicorn is a term roughly used to describe a third party (typically a bisexual woman) who is willing to enter a triad like arrangement with a closed couple, and no strings attached. But where and how to find a unicorn of your own? That’s a question for many unicorn hunters. We have seen so many personal ads online for couple seeking unicorn to join them. Today we will share some tips on finding a unicorn woman.

Where to find a unicorn?

People like regularly hitting up “concerts, raves, bars” and anywhere they might make new friends who are “open alternative sexual arrangements.” It is still ok with traditional dating. But if you want to find a unicorn girl by using this way, it won’t work. The best way to find local unicorns is through the internet.

Set up a profile on unicorn dating sites which are specially designed for unicorn hunters looking for a unicorn for a triad. If you are using OKCupid, or AdultFriendFinder, you can start from there directly. Craigslist is another choice for you to find a unicorn woman if you don’t mind.

How to communicate with unicorn girl?

Communication is important. Be upfront your potential matches and let her know your boundaries, of course, as well as her bottom line. Your threesome experience can be great or not depending largely on your communication. Don’t assume that simply saying “threesome” is enough. Talk about all the details and things your third should know in advance.

Here are some example questions:

- What’s everyone’s needs and wants?

- How to protect everyone from sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy?

- What’s your safe word during threesome itself?

How to treat your unicorn woman?

Finding a unicorn woman is hard because these women are almost impossible to find. Why? Not because polyamorous, bisexual women don’t exist, but because unicorn hunters – those couples treat bisexual women like garbage. In fact, unicorn girl may be in abundance in the poly dating world. All things you need to do is to treat your unicorn woman in a right way.

A lot of couples get so caught up thinking about their own wants and needs only, but not counting the desire of the unicorn. Threesomes are complicated, only when all three persons work together can all of you figure out what will be the best.

There are no privileges for you couple. Every single person should be equal. The bottom line is that your unicorn is a human being rather than a real animal. Treat them nice and value their pleasures as well as you couple.

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how to find a unicorn

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