Unicorn hunting: Trouble and solution

If you are familiar with the adult dating world, maybe you have heard about the unicorn hunting. It’s not weird to see an open and progressive couple looking for a third person, and usually a woman for a threesome. In the poly community, they call this kind of women the unicorn.

It was exciting to find a unicorn woman to join you, but it was also more complicated to maintain a unicorn relationship than a poly one. The thing is, unicorn hunting is not just cruising for casual sex. You need to know the potential problems before you couple looking for a unicorn to explore. So what’s the problem with looking for a unicorn?

In most cases, the couple is looking for a woman to join because society is cool for bisexual women to explore their bisexuality, but what about the man? And what about looking for another man, rather than a woman to join you couple?

At this point, it will never be a surprise for the half from the couple. A conversation is needed before to find local a unicorn girl, or boy - the sex of the third person needs to be decided after your talk.

For couples in the unicorn relationship, they need to be careful to protect their existing relationship as a couple. The unicorn girls are expected to sleep with both of the couple at the same time, and be involved romantically and equally with both partners. What if she is only interested or attracted to one half of a couple?

There is no need to be hurry to find that unicorn to join the couple. Take some time to browse those profiles at unicorn dating sites. If you find the person can’t control his or her own feelings, just pass to the next profile.

Things and feelings might have some change over time. The unicorn third might not want to have sex with half of the couple, or all together. The couple may lose each other If they do nothing after they find such an issue.

When the couple sees the change, they should talk to their partner and stop the unicorn relationship with the unicorn. If they still enjoy a unicorn third, they can find another match at unicorn dating sites or polyamorous websites.

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